Nashville Farmer’s Market

Meet “Harry.” Harry is a flying pig, recently acquired from an outing to the Nashville Farmer’s Market. You see, once a month the Farmer’s Market in downtown Nashville located on 8th avenue opens its stalls to the night air, allowing the stars to co-host an evening of food and fun.

You can find everything here, all types of in-season produce, fruit that glistens and vegetables so crisp you can still hear them snapping off their vines. Home baked goodies that fill the air with the scent of apples, pumpkins, chess pie and fall. Orchids in all their oriental glory, greenery in every shape and size. Gardening tools and lawn ornaments… and yes. Even flying pigs.

If you aren’t tempted enough by the lure of locally grown organic goodness the Market now hosts thirteen restaurants, ranging from Cajun to a newly opened Chinese buffet. All manner of choices are available to tantalize your tastebuds and goad your appetite. The Shreeji International Market has a mind-numbing selection of overseas ingredients to spice up any pantry, and there is even fresh fish.


In addition to all these culinary delights there is a live band for your listening pleasure, as well as a full bar, wine, and flora-infused champagne cocktails, making this one of the only “grocery” stores in Tennessee that sells wine!

So grab a glass, stroll the stalls, and remember… one night a month in downtown Nashville vegetables and fruit dance under the stars to bluegrass music, smelling of apple pie on a stick and watching pigs fly.



Posted by: Jennifer McClarney

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